We deliver time

For your employees and your business.

Libentis Lifestyle Manager is a new solution in Poland dedicated to executives and professionals. The service helps busy employees free up their time by assisting in three areas: everyday tasts, leisure and entertainment as well as in emergencies. Here is a list of services that our customers outsource to us.

Thanks to Libentis your employees can concentrate on their job while in office and on family, friends, hobbies and rest while at home.



With support of Lifestyle Manager the company will increase commitment, motivation and loyalty of employees.

Employer branding

Most of the companies offer similar benefits. Libentis is what distinguishes your company from competitors.


In the long term your company will experience increased productivity and lower costs of recruitment.


Example implementation

  • Large corporation in Warsaw
  • 46 managers included in the programme
  • Part of service users located outside of Warsaw
  • Beginning of the programme in 2014

342 errands

Completed in only eight weeks, which confirms the value we provide. The tasks were mainly related to current matters (eg. to find perfect English and Russian-speaking nanny) and associated with leisure time (eg. vacation itinerary)

83% of employees

Is actively using the service. Unlike most employee benefits, Libentis has a high degree of usage. Most of the customers quickly recognised the benefits of the new service and established a solid relationship with their Lifestyle Manager.

513 hours

Of saved time for client's employees. They didn't have to spend it on any of time-consuming private matters and use it for work or leisure instead. In both cases it is the company that eventually benefits this extra time.

28 000 PLN

Of approximate savings for the company on a month scale, computed by a simplified calculation of hours saved multiplied by average manager's hourly rate.

Case studies

We save on average 1.5 hours on each task. A few cases out of  hundreds that we’ve helped solve are listed below.

  • Plot for a cabin

  • Last minute in Kenia

  • Presence during repair works

  • Driving license for a motorcycle

  • Preschool for a child

  • Weekend in Wrocław

  • Night out

  • Lost credit card


Your question isn’t on the list? Email us!

Is Libentis suitable only for boards and directors?

Service is suitable for both middle and senior management, as well as for selected specialists and experts. Libentis consists not only of exclusive offers, but also every day practical help. On the other hand its an excellent way to build employees loyalty and reduce the cost of recruitment and training. Flexible design and reasonable price of Libentis are adapted especially for client in order to maximize satisfaction and fulfillment of his/her needs.

Do my employees need this kind of support?

Libentis is not a whim – it’s an essential way of support for resourceful people. Employees receive a powerful tool enabling them to wisely manage their valuable time. It is useful to anyone who wants to spend time on family matters, hobby, relax etc. Libentis is also an invaluable help in rare, unpredictable and stressful emergency situations.

Shouldn't managers' private matters be covered by their assistants?

We support assistants. Now they can spend their time efficiently on professional errands, keeping private stuff off their hands – outsourcing them to Libentis.

Is Libentis expensive?

Our service is affordable. Package prices for executives start from 200 PLN per month for a single employee, offering a full range of services.

Is Libentis only for large corporations?

Libentis is a service for companies of all sizes. Even if their workers end up responsibilities at 16 or 17, Libentis allows them to spend an evening with the family, on a training or at the cinema instead of standing in a line for a registered letter at the post office or looking for a family ski trip on the Internet during doing overtime.

Is Libentis profitable for my business?

We expect that the company will provide savings arising from both lower recruitment and training costs and improved productivity of employees. As a result, long-term investment in Libentis should yield positive rate of return. To demonstrate this, on request, we analyze the return on investment for our clients.

What differs Libentis from similar services like congierge or assistance?

Personal Manager is neither a service nor concierge assistance. Here are the differences:

1) We are a HR tool for companies looking for a benefit with reasonable cost, which will allow them to attract the best talented people from the market, and retain key employees in the company while increasing overall efficiency.

2) Personal Manager is our main product. Its not an expansion as in the case of apparently similar services available with credit card or insurance.

3) We focus on B2B market.

4) We offer superior quality. For example – each Lifestyle Manager knows his/her clients in person. Therefore, they could outsource their private and trust requiring tasks. It’s important to note that Lifestyle manager is more like the work of an account manager than the concierge or assistance.

Would my employees data be safe?

Our product is based on the trust of customers – we attach great attention to data security. Details are stored on servers that meet the requirements of the Law (Inspector General). Our employees are familiar to the procedures of data security, and their discretion and professionalism are verified exactly at the stage of the recruitment process.


We believe that intensive professional work does not necessarily mean sacrifices and compromises in private life. Both for us and for our customers.

Miloš Dragović
Miloš Dragović

Miloš worked for global advertising agencies (McCann, Havas) and was successful in running his own businesses. These experiences allow him to effectively manage Libentis and have a custom 'anti-bureaucratic' approach to business at the same time. As a result, the company will never become lethargic corporation. Miloš is passionate about football and charity.


Milos Dragovic i Marcin Sobczak
Marcin Sobczak
Marcin Sobczak

Marcin worked for several years (including leadership positions) in such groups as BZWBK and Orange, also as a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group. At the time he felt the importance of work-life balance himself. He perfectly understands the value of time itself. Thus he not only manages Libentis but finds plenty of time for travelling, mountain walking and triathlons.


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